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Originally Posted by MaxSp97 View Post
Did you post in here?
This is setup for 189 with Hotwire:
  • Motor Timing =10
  • Timing Boost = 20
  • Neutral Width = 10
  • Drag Brake = 0
  • Throttle Profile = 3 - 5 "refer 3"
  • FDR: 4.8
I run a few teeth lower than other brand motors.
Check your motor's temperature.
Thanks for the link, i was looking around that thread but didnt see any one running a Losi.

Originally Posted by Pablo Diablo View Post
That depends on so many things. How much timing are you using, turbo, size of the track, how often you crash.....? With speedies like the tekin that give you more timing you normally run a smaller rollout which is a smaller pinion not larger. I would talk to someone running the same speedie/motor combo who has it working well then have a look at and try to achieve the same rollout.
I have everything set to default and once I find the gearing sweet spot and my temps are low enough ill advance timing accordingly to keep it below the 170 mark and get the most power out of it. 120 foot straight at the most as I previously mentioned. I can keep the thing on the track where it should be without crashing but have my epa's adjusted to do so until I get used to having traction. Coming from offroad and it is so much fun but wow what a different style of driving. Havent came across anyone running this setup at my local track, thats why im asking.
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