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Originally Posted by Edumakated View Post
Work on your reading comprehension. Losi and AE are great cars but your absolutely nuts if you think they are the same quality as xray and mugen. Just because legions of people buy a product does not make it the best, nor does spending gobs of money to sponsor the best pro drivers in the world.

Like I said, ALL OF THE CARS ARE GREAT IN THEIR OWN WAY, however, if you are like me and care about the craftsmanship and quality of the car, there is no way you would put the losi together with xray and mugen.

I drive an 8t 2.0 and love it, but it is no where near the same level of quality as an xray. It is like comparing a Vette to a 911. Yes, the Vette statistically may even stomp a Porsche, but it is no where near the same in terms of workmanship and quality of materials.

LOL, the losi 8ight clutch is dialed... quality. Anyways yea them cars have carbon fiber and jewelry they also have more expensive parts and are less popular.

Look at me for instance i am a hardcore electric racer, i travel, hang out with and race along side 100% drivers in the mains and to tell the truth i would love to get on kyosho for electric. I love what they are doing. I bought a 8ight cause it's popular as all hell and my pit buddy just got one so i fig why not just for the sake of easy parts.

I am my own hobby shop when i travel with my kyosho's. It's a PITA and the parts are more expensive. The kyosho's are quality but you will pay more for it and you will basicaly be your own hobby shop. Sure you may be fortunate your track has xray or mugen ot kyosho but if you get around you may find it to be a PITA.

also all this pro na na about th new arms every run, chillax bro. They aren't like that to a extreme. The average non superstar pro drivers have budgets with the teams and they aren't nearly as much as your assuming.
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