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Originally Posted by Edumakated View Post
First Tier: Xray and Mugen are simply in a class by themselves when it comes to quality and durability of the kit.

Second Tier: Kyosho, O'donnell, Jammin, Hyper 9

Third Tier: AE, Losi, Hot Bodies

I am not necessarily referring to how the cars handle, etc. They all can win in the right hands and are all great cars in their own right. But there are obvious differences in the craftsmanship of the cars.

When you are sponsored, it doesn't really matter if you need to replace arms every other weekend or if the car can't really handle the occassional 40mph cartwheel. however, if you are a weekend club racer, durability and quality matters since the pocket book only has so much money.

From my perspective above, xray and to some extent mugen are simply a notch above everyone else.

First of all to the guy that say mugen dont have the team support yeah right - there are more mugen drivers at the races than Kyosho.

Losi 3rd tier REALLY? Are you serious. Where? Losi is hands down the BEST buggy out right now (in the world) follow close by the mugen and AE........ You need to do something right in the design in order to sway people to make you buggy the top selling buggy the last 2 years. In this hobby people buys what work, whats good, this whole season I have broken one rod end and I drive like a bat out of hell. not to knock xray but it is not as good as the losi, and alot of their designs where taken from the losi..........Jammin and O'Donnell should not even be on this list if your talking about popular - there are more D8s at the track than both of these put together.
And all you people that is saying that its the driver, I disagree. You have to have a competive buggy to compete with the best. You give Adam Drake a RAZE and Rhonda Drake the Mugen. And Mrs. Drake will spank her soon to be hubby. Period.

When was the last time you have seen the Hyper in a Amain sportsman or pro. Tell me I want to know. The Hyper design in based off of the designes from 3-4 years ago same with the jammin. They cant compete side by side with top nothc buggies like the 8 or RC8 or the 6..... no way. I know this is all opinions but come on guys. Think about it, use facts and stats. Use you local tracks ect........ dont just base it off what you read on here or in a mag.......
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