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There are only 3 real major players in the motor market. Epic, Top, and Yokomo.

Trinity only sells Epic motors.

A number of other "Tuners" (such as Paradigm, Birdman, Fantom, Axiom) get motors from Epic through trinity. They, then, "customize" the motor by truing the comm, replacing the regular brushes with better performing brushes, and sometimes add brush hood heat sinks, then RE Label the motor.

Also, a number of these motor Tuners also get motors from other manufacturers. They do the same work to them and relabel them for sale.

Top motors are generally Peak, Orion.

Yokomo motors are generally Reedy

For your purposes, you would be best off buying a "tuned" motor, that way it will be fast off the shelf. You can buy a standart motor, but performance will be lower than a hand preped race motor.

To answer your question another way: There are not too many stock motors out there. They are P2K, P2K2, GreenMachine3, Monster Stock, and the Top Based Core Stock, and Reedy MVP.
Most the the custom motors as you call them, are going to be tuned and relabeled versions of these motors. They are essential the same motor, just with the extra hand touch of performance brushes, springs, trued comms, and dyno sheets.

The Trinity line has the "PRO" version which is somewhat tuned, but in a more high production way. not the one by one, hand touch of the true tuner machines.

But you are still wondering what motor is best for you.

It really depends. Since you are racing on a number of different formats, no one motor will suit every need you have.

I would suggest the P2K (copper colored can..) as an all around motor that is fast, and has lots of torque, as well as being a smooth, eficient, and cool running motor. You will of course need a number of different pinion gears to suit each track, and driving style.

Motors listed by torqu to high rpm are as follows: (approximately)

P2K (or P2K based motor) Most torque
Top based Core/Peak Hellfire
Reedy MVP
Green Machine 3
Monster Horsepower (Highest RPM, lowes torque)

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