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Less lanes & more swoop.180-180-180-180 gets boring fast & when your diong the labor with your own hands a track that stays interesting for a long time is more user/builder friendly. Make sure you have SAFE room for marshals too. People with track in their yard gain friends fast & that means friends wifes & kids will show up for free marshalling,wifes & kids are stupid so a safe marshall spot is important in the plans.Your idea of a sweeper on the right side is a good one & I take it your going to remove the bump for the sweeper? Nothing worse than your new drunken friends alwasy crashing on that one spot & slowing the action down. However it turns out more power to you! Wish I could do what you are planning. Think about more than 1 ose for watering also,put those new freeloader friends to work. BTW where exactly do you live?
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