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Default a Strange Sound

Hi. My RC was broken in the attic from 2006-2009, until in May I took it down to get it fixed. At that time when I got started on it, one shock was bent and my engine was not in a good shape. I fixed the shock, bought a new engine and replaced my old engine with the new one, then I tried running the kit. I turned on the electrics (receiver and remote controller) and then started the engine. When I gave it throttle, the engine reved real good, although the kit didn't move at all. I checked it out and found out that one part in the transmission was broken.

I took the transmission apart, and saw that a stick that transferred the energy from the engine was broken. I replaced the part, installed the transmission and every remaining piece needed to be installed. (So, now the kit is fully put together)

Now, when I try rolling the kit around, I hear a sound coming from the area where the transmission is at. Since I don't remember how the kit sounded when I rolled it around last time it was ok, I decided to record the sound for you guys to hear it.

Is this a normal sound?

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