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Originally Posted by tns View Post
Hey Timmie

From the photos I notice that you mount the front shocks with the top of the shocks nearer the center of the car. Any particular reason for doing that? The kit's manual says to mount them the other way round (ie with the top of the shocks nearer the outside).

I'll have a carbon-reinforced chassis and a 9T motor coming in from Hong Kong in about 2 weeks or so. Hope they're worth it!

I noticed that too? Any handling tips from this Timmie? Conventionally you want the heavier shock body assembly to be sprung weight.

Thanks for all of the weights Timmie! I will be fine tuning my TB to put it on a diet also. The rules for RCGT show 1400g's also. Ready to race I'm at a portly 1535g! (But it's still kicking their butts! Hahaha)

I'm going to the Tamiya track this Saturday. I'll bring bodies and a stop watch.

Jimmy W
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