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Originally Posted by Timmie View Post
Hi Jimmy,

I like the Corvette C5R #50915. It is very stable at high speeds and has a rear spoiler that actually works very well. The spoiler is made of lexan and is very light. The spoiler also comes with spacers that allow you to adjust the pitch of the wing. I have tried other bodies but I just like the way this one feels.

ARTA handled well if you like a lot of steering. It felt like my Protoform R9R body. I think it works nice for technical smaller tracks. I haven't had a chance to see how it works at high speed though. It has a large rear spoiler, but very little angle to it. My biggest gripe with the ARTA is its weight. It is very heavy in the rear because of it having a rear bumper you have to servo tape on, and also because the rear wing is made of plastic.

Here is a pic of my vette in GT1. Its the middle car. Good shot to compare profiles with the NSX that a lot of people like.
The NSX was the RCGT choice out here. Now some of the fast guys have been running the HPI Toyota MR-S. When I was running for the "K" team I was using their Vauxhall Astra BTCC body (Think Chevy Cobalt) and it handled very well. Now that I'm with Tamiya i wanted to be brand loyal so I'm running the R35 Calsonic Super GT body and I love it but would like more "aero" steering.

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