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Originally Posted by CaptainHowdyt13 View Post
So yeah, I’m a little new I guess in terms of really fine tuning performance in my stuff so I had some pretty dumb questions….

I have a Mugen MBX6T, and right now I am just running a set of Panther Raptors on it. Most of the tracks we have around here have that really “polished concrete” surface to them. They blow off the track between every round, and it seems like the tires I use don’t quite work.

Most people I see locally run Cityblocks, or a combination of Cityblocks/I-Beams. I think my Mugen has 0” offset hubs or something. I’m not sure what this means, but I need to order some tires soon, so what would you suggest in terms of combination/compound? I want a compound that would work well all around if I can. Also, what specifically do I need in terms of wheels? I’d really like to get them pre-mounted.
If you want premounts with minimal hassle, the AKA city blocks, grid irons, and I-beams all come premounted on zero offset wheels. These are what I use on my MBX-6T. Thumbs up on the city blocks. The work on almost any surface. Quick question though, is what you are referring to as "polished concrete" as a result of rubber being laid onto the dirt? We call this blue groove. Any tire with a small pins will work on this, although they will get chewed up rather quickly. My suggestion of AKA premounts is simply because they are nearly perfectly balanced straight out of the package and should be virtually wobble-free.

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