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Originally Posted by tc3team View Post
The money will go to where people buy there parts from, genuine parts, or copies...

R/C shouldnt be a "rich boy toy club" but it also shouldnt be dominated by people who buy cheap cars/parts and see that r/c is not for them because the copies of genuine cars are not durable and break easily...

Just my 0.02$ and of course, i'd like to see everyone happy, whatever they use.

But I still don't see the need for a copy of a good brand - it can ruin its image and its finances. Especially if the clone of a car is not good.
It's already a little late to keep the R/C scene affordable. To be at the bottom of being competitive you need to shell out over 500$ these days and that is not cheap (think cheap Tamiya kit, radio, batteries, charger; even buying a RTR from tamiya requires battery and charger so you get up to about 500$ again). Big companies need to understand that. And if the copies are indeed that bad, then nobody need worry, for they will swiftly disappear.

Time will tell if there is or not any need of copies. Big companies can (still) change the course of history here but I don't think I have seen any sign of interest yet. Perhaps if their revenue was affected they would take it more seriously so I take it they have not been hit. Yet.
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