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Originally Posted by mrrcguy View Post
At a recent race we tried something new with our starting grid. Rather than the usual 8-10 feet between the cars on the starting grid for the mains, we skipped a space between each car giving a nice twenty foot separation between each car. This provided some superb starts leading way to great races. In my opinion this also places a little more value on the qualifiers and the starting position you earn.

While some drivers were fans of this grid, others were not. Surprise surprise!

Knowing that many tracks simply are not large enough to allow such a grid, I realize that this just is not an option everywhere. However, if given the option to have a grid with separation larger than just 10-12-15 feet would you take it? Do you see added value in it? Please omit your position from the equation.
I prefer that the grid be spread evenly across the longest straight. So on some tracks they are close and some they are far apart.
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