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Adding space between cars would make things a bit easier, but takes away from the challenge of getting a good start. Our starting grids have always been tight (~5 ft. between cars), usually shrinking to 3-4 ft. during indoor season. The key item I've focused on during a start is reaction time - if you're one of the first cars to move, the chances of being hit from behind decrease significantly. Taking this aspect out of racing would remove most of the challenge, and would hurt developing drivers by not allowing them to learn the importance of car control in tight quarters. Sure, we've all been "run over" from behind every so often, but that's part of the excitement (especially for non-participants that might want to buy a car and join the fun). With the cars spread so far apart, the first few laps are throwaways instead of being the most exciting part of most races. If you wanted to move the cars so far apart, you might as well go to single car qualifying, and use a series of races (mains) to decide your winner.
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