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Originally Posted by JoelV View Post
What? Finally.

Recently tires seem to be the testing of choice up here. So many different combos. I personally always go back to yellow/dbl pink as my control tires when testing and it always feels better/more consistent to me. I wouldn't rule out a lilac or black. A black is actually a dbl pink just in the other type of rubber. There will be enough grip at Vegas that a lilac should work. Two years in a row it worked (Boice/Lia)
yeah, but those 2 years were with round cells.

also, jaco shows black as a 42 shore based on the part number. i would think that is more of a purple in the low natural rubber (yellow compund).

Now parma has a black that is 35 shore, but low natural rubber

we are the same. 2xpink/yellow(orange) seam to work the most consistent for us. what is your tracktion like? strange thing is that is the same combo we are running for 13.5
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