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Such a grid start can lead to "no event" races if the drivers/cars are very well matched (i.e. everybody finishes with the position they started).

On our track this would be very likely in stock and superstock classes, because such a distance between cars is almost the entire length of the main straight when you have 6 cars or more in the race.

If you have a bunch of beginners in the race that might help avoid the pile up in the first corner and also stretch the field on the track early on rather than after a few laps.

But there are other ways of avoiding this problem. I was considering starting in reverse order of qualifying just to give slower drivers a chance and allow faster drivers to hold back and avoid being crashed into (beginners always charge into corners - and especially into the first corner - so they usually rear end you when you slow down to go around corners) in the first corner. They can then pick their way through the carnage and the infield easier. Starting from the first or second position on the grid at our track puts you right in the firing line as you're nearly in the first corner whereas at the back of the grid you still have some 10m or so of straight line ahead, so it's easy for inexpereinced drivers will floor it and forget they have to go around the corner, ending up in the car in front of them or the barriers. Starting at the back on the other hand, I have quite often found myself leading the race after the second corner!

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