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Originally Posted by Randy_Pike View Post
We ARE looking into the brakes since some are experiencing an issue. I've have asked repeatedly for thos that are having the isuse to get me ALL of the info they can regarding their setup, gear ratio, motor, etc. Only a few have replied with that info. It is helpful and is needed to move forward.

A screen shot of 199/200:
Here are my setup details.

(1) Hotwire settings (v198), see attached screen snapshot.
This was the last snapshot I did before retiring the RS Pro.
The only thing I varied prior to the last setting was:
-- Boost =>> set from low-ish (around 12) to max (as shown)
-- Drag Brake =>> varied from zero to 33% (as shown)
Note: I do not normally use Drag Brake, it was just a test to see the effect on braking.
(2) Gear = MX3 Radio, EP5200 40C LiPo, HB Cyclone TC, Takeoff or Muchmore Tires, Fan blowing onto motor (but mounted separately to motor).
(3) The MX3 radio is fairly basic. I have varied Throttle and Servo curves, from zero (default, linear straight line) to -55% (more sensitivity down low).
I have re-synced the radio and esc several times to make sure.
(4) In combination with the Boost setting, I have varied motor timing from about 10 degrees advance, to zero (last setting).
(5) I have varied FDR from 4.3 to 5.1 (last setting).
(6) Track = asphalt, outdoors, 1000' foot length, 210' straight, hi-speed into very tight "S" (main problem corner in regards to braking).
(7) I have used the same Tekin 10.5T motor (at zero degrees) with a HW Xerun V2 ESC (at 26 degrees advance) and the braking is quite acceptable.
(8) At lower speeds (say, less than 50% of maximum speed) the braking is ok with the Tekin RS Pro.

Hope this helps.
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