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Originally Posted by Grizzbob View Post
Agreed, the v.2 manual specifies the 46mm dogbones(which I've already installed on mine), & they look like that's about as long as will fit in there right now. As for the car itself, I'm back from my first day testing it, & I have to say, I'm VERY pleased. There are a few things I'll want to add still, but considering I ran it today with the plastic diffs all around & no sway bars(I have some, but they're on another car which I forgot to bring), I was quite impressed with how it handled. Here's a few pics of it, including one I took to show how tight the space for the ESC is. Next thing I'll want to do is add a front one-way, the sway bars & some aluminum diff halves for the rear.....
Very nice it really looks good just a question on the ESC space, is the space smaller ? I thought it may have slightly more space because the new chassis doesn't have that strange cut in at the bottom right hand corner like the original chassis had.
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