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Originally Posted by irgo View Post
long time ago.
i have experience on tamiya clone that previously build
such TL01 rtr for 18$
i think 80% is a waste on this rtr.
i would throw useless transmitter and speedo.
replace almost everyting but chassic and arm and some gear
i have to replace the planetary gear.
any of the material was verry disapointed crack able,
since it was planned for toys.
because it was planned to run on 540 can, without parts replacement suppplied by the factory.
Big disapointed, better use mchassis

and i think
was the same
i guess they were plan to run on 20C only,
as the name was toptoys, they were plan for toys, not racing.

there is no prove that this TK416 is race able for mod's yet,

as a tester i would pay
TK416 for 50$ or less
and must be parts supported supplied.
and as clone it should be compatible to all 416 tamiya factory.

other reason not to to buy, i could not trust china,
will stay with this kit for long term.
unless there is video to show :
crash test.
race test.
40C test.
2.5t test for 15 minutes on race circuit.
worn out test.

remember i have been there testing between tamiya tl01 with china tl01.
and china tl01 is very disapointed on cost and quality.

USD18 rtr..? man u were buying some paper car..?

honestly, have u been to china..? or you simply assume that u know so much about what n how they make things..?

this kit isn't bad... it's good for club race as well i guess... we do need some cheaper n nicer car to attract new ppl to join this hobby... well, this is toy... i mean whatever u drive, xray, tamiya, yokomo, schumi, serpent, ae... etc these r still toys for most majority ppl...

crash test.
race test.
40C test.
2.5t test for 15 minutes on race circuit.
worn out test.

who tested their cars to your requirement..? tamiya with MR/JGH..? hell, u give them any car, they can still beat most of us by laps... so pls be open minded, maybe this ain't aim for ppl who can afford highly expensive prokit but rather trying to enjoy this hobby... sometimes i think E10 n TT01 can be very very fun too... losi micro-T does look interesting n same as mini-z... n i can afford to buy n race very expensive kits too...

glad company like ezrun and like make things affordable to bring in new ppl into our little world...
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