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Originally Posted by houston View Post
maybe we should call it "rep" instead of sponsored ?

i just always believed that being sponsored was about getting recognized for doing the things that make you a great rep for the community you are in whether it be mx , bmx , rc , skiing , snowboarding or whatever . you should have enough skill that people see you and want to run/use the products you do because you are good at using them and show how well the product/s work .

internet sponsorships to me just seem like a marketing ploy but , times are changing . half the guys on rctech might not have even seen an rc track let alone drive on one .

i have never asked a sponsor for anything , everything i have been given has been offered to me
My 2 cents here but when you are 'sponsored' you become a sales rep. The big names are sponsored because they have earned it no..... not in the sense of sales but in accomplishment on the track. If the guys a real douche but he wins then people will still buy the product(NASCAR). RC is a little different because of the smaller scale (pun intended) so your big names need to be humble also because they are accessible and are the product.

But RC being so small viral marketing is a very viable advertising medium and sponsorship is therefore also about people who will help the newb and make recommendations. So if you believe in what you make offer a discount RC does not equal Internet access. It is a outdoor sport for the mechanically inclined. Not necessarily the internet geek with pasty pale skin.

I bought AKAs based on this forum and I am very happy with them. 4 pair sight unseen. Answer shoes looked good to me too, but again forum sold them after hearing reinforcing banter.

Word of mouth will sell a lot more merch than a internet forum. Think of all the people Jaz must pester while hopping pipe at the track. I would at very least make sure he had a preferred customer status knowing he is going to tell and retell his experience.

I guess to end this endless rant you have to look at how you think your customer will buy because Drake does it or because Jaz and a few others swear by it.
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