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Originally Posted by Garet Jax View Post
That's an idealistic view of sponsorship. I guarantee you companies aren't thinking that way. They want to get their name out as fast and as cheap as possible. If they sponsor one homer from each track in the country, then will get their name out much more effectively then if they were to sponsor the best racer in the country who happened to visit each track once each year.

This is especially true if they only have to give each homer 10% off their stuff versus having to pay the whole ride for the best racer in the country.

It is a happy medium - no need to get disillusioned about it.
That is a mass strategy, if everyone is promoting a product then probability is that more people will listen and buy that product. By sponsoring more people than before companies are just trying to cut down on advertising cost.

Since being sponsored is "theee thing" its easy to get people into buying their products at a discounted price and yet spread the company name. Odds are that out of 100 people they sponsor if 10 are really good drivers and another 20 are decent, then thats a pretty good results. How ever if all those people are below average drivers then people would not listen to them as much no matter how nice their attitude is. Just like any other business advertising is a big expense and giving a few people discount is far cheaper than putting ads in magazines and paying adwords to place your ad above everyone elses.

You can pretty much have the best engine in the market but with poor skills and setup you can finish dead last. People have a tendency that if lets say homer keeps on winning all races they want to use the products that he uses, copy his setups and mods on his ride. Racer's attitude does not matter AS much as the results unless if he is completely flat out rude even then people would try to see what engine and what brand buggy he is running.
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