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Originally Posted by gotspeed_2000 View Post
I also seem to think that there alot more sponsored racers than ever before. When I first started racing, there were A and B sponsored racers. With A sponsored racers getting full rides and factory support and travel expenses. B Sponsored racers got to get parts at 50% or somewhere around there, but no travel expenses. Those were pretty much the way the sponsorships went. Now, there are alot more companies trying to promote their companies as well as shops. You can't argue with how they spend their own money, but it does take away from the term "Sponsored" driver. But, in reality it depends on so many factors to determine who gets the sponsorships and support. Some people drive petter than others, some promote better. In a perfect world, you could find a pro level driver who wins who also has a great rapore with other drivers in supporting their sponsors. But those are far and few between so it's up to the companies to decide who they support.

To me, I'd rather support a racer who has decent results but good attitude than a jerk driver who wins a few races. You get respect more by how you handle yourself, than your results.
Well said!
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