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Originally Posted by JimmyMac View Post
This is what I'm talking about, BD5 spool with modified 415 aluminum sleeves. I do not run them on my car yet. But this is an example. You have to shave them down. I did this before when I ran a 415 spool on the 416 before the 416 spools came out last year. You need them short to fit the BD5 spool cups, and you need the ring to hold them on. The Yokomo SD/BD sleeve is thin and sloted, plus you have to glue it in place. I do not run this setup right now. I do not think I need it yet. I have been fine so far and only broke one cup because of my mistake. But if you run this setup, you will need to change your dogbone/axle to Tamiya 46mm or shave the Yokomo axle pins down because they extend past the cups. (See bottom pic, left axle is Yokomo and right blue axle is Tamiya). Hope this helps. I prefer this setup to steel spools! Steel spools chatter more, weight more, and loose steering.
thanks for the picture...the ori bd5 alum sleeve dont lasting like the tamiya sleeve ???

how is the wearing rate of the bd5 spool delrin cup ?? will it easy to wear like what happen to the alloy rear diff???hv u try if the spool cup for the trf416 fit the bd5??
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