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Originally Posted by Alfie View Post
I think the wear rate is on both your driving style and toe-in/out you set for your F104.

For me, I like to throw the car when I really need to take the corner tighter to overtake, but any other times, I will drive smoother into the corners to reduce my pocket wear (for the obvious reasons).

I never use those traction compound also for the same reason: pocket wear. The only time I remember using it was at a carpet race.

Besides our topic, you guys should have realised that Tamiya made a bigger wheel set for the F104. And for that, they came out with thinner tires. I see it both ways; big wheels so when the foams wore out, it would not scrub the chassis, thin tires to keep changing tires.

I'll try to help in whatever way I can.
I would like it if they are still able to use 103 tires.
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