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Originally Posted by Integra View Post
Martix tower's are also 4mm Not 3.5mm

Extreme does not use the same grade Carbon Robert at Matrix does.....Robert's main business is composite's....Extreme....well they make knock off stuff of every thing from low grade alum to SSG which is a FAR Cry from Real CF

I supply shawn aka wb-racer-ace with the sheet's....they are directly out of the freezer from boeing and are 4.9-5mm....this stuff is on another level as apposed to ANYTHING else on the market...i can Guarantee that no one else is using the same grade of material we are...its not $$ feasible to say the least.....Shawn should be receiving more material in the next couple weeks.(people gotta take vacation's you know)

My 1.0/2.0 hybrid tower's are holding up just dandy.
I just mic them an you're right, matrix concepts are 4mm, and the xtreme ones are closer to 4.5mm. As far as xtreme and what they use, all I know is that they are lightweight and don't break...that's all that matters to me.
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