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Well first race with my car today and I am VERY impressed. Extremely fast period. Made a few more small changes today and the car is dialed for high grip asphalt. I was running very consistent all day long with the car. First qualifier and I had 6, 14.0 laptimes out of 26 laps and the rest being low 14's as well. By the 3rd qualifier I was running 13's and had the fastest lap of the day with a 13.5. I have the print outs from the races but don't have a scanner. All was going well until the main though hahah. It started with me being in 2nd on the line*missed tq by less than a second* and when the race started I was on the rear bumper of first. Drove behind him for a few laps pressuring him pretty hard until he went wide and I grabbed first. I started pulling away from him and after a few laps he made a mistake and I was confident I had this race won. But with less than a minute to go something felt wrong. I started to notice my car was not steering to the right as well, and that with every lap it got worse. I was thinking, "You got to be kiddin.." I continued to keep driving, now slamming brakes to try and steer and on the last lap all steering to the right was gone and I shot towards a corner dot and flipped ending the race for me. I was disgusted LOL! I guess that is why I am typing so much about it cause I needed to vent hahah! Went back to the pits and discovered what caused it....the ballstud on top of the c hub had worked its way loose and came off I have never had this happen to ANY Tamiya chassis before. After thinking about how in the world this happened it became clear...steering slop. With the spool and all that steering slop, when you make turns I could see the inside front wheel shaking on the turn. So all the vibration worked it loose BLAH! and the ironic thing is my steering upgrade parts showed up this morning but I told myself I would worry with it later tonight

But all in all the car proved itself today. My friend that Tqed drives a 009 Xray, and in the beginning of the day he said to me," Yeah for what that car is its pretty quick..I think it would be good for Tamiya races and stuff" I was like WHAT THE HECK?!?! LOL! But at the end of the day his opinion had changed drastically when he told me he was giving it all he had and I was still getting away from him So I am happy that I got some respect now for Tamiya plastic cars hehhee I got video too just got to figure out how to post it so you all can see my TB03 in action. Well anyway I'm wore out, going to put my steering kit in and go to bed. Me and Jimmy Mac heading out early tomorrow. I will go into detail about stuff with car later on. Go Go Tamiya!
Good to see you are enjoying the car!
Would you be able to post your setup? I'm trying to figure this car out for 17.5 class. Thanks!
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