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Hello, Hope this helps.

I work for Jaco, but in the fairness to your question I will try not to be biased.

Its becoming increasing difficult for consumers to buy fresh 'donuts" We ( Jaco) have discontinued our Donut line here in North America.

We discontinued our line due to the fact that other manufactures (I wont mention names) were mounting our rubber to their wheel and then claiming wins to their name.

The Wheel is the only way to tell what your running.

This is also the trend with TRC, Which is not owned by Losi as someone mentioned. in-fact TRC does not mount their own tires anymore. A company in Italy named GRP mounts the TRC line of tires for Trinity.

It is also common practice to mount with CA. Most tire manufactures ( that are automated) use CA. we have very high tech jigs that ensure the wheel is completely coated. again this was done for 2 reasons. (1) one it speeds up production (2) the CA is quite a bit lighter then the old way of mounting with rubber cement. this weight saving is enough to notice a difference in performance.

If you do mount tires yourself, you would be safer using rubber cement to ensure the complete area is covered.

those "universal" wheels that would accept both 2 or 3-bolt hubs were made by TRC. I believe they no longer produce that wheel.

I also have a FAQ on our web-page.

I hope this helps you.


Jaco Racing

P.S. I will be in Edmonton this weekend, and if you have any questions I would be more then to answer them.
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