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Originally Posted by jpalessi View Post
Touching the flywheel is the correct way to turn off your engine.
Plugging the exhaust damages the glow plug.
Pinching the line starves the engine of lubrication. If it's the end of the day pinching the line and or just letting it run out at idle is ok.
Plugging the exhaust also creates a vacuum which may suck dirt from your air filter into your engine...I learned long ago that is not a good way to shut your engine down..pinch line, or stop flywheel..Never plug exhaust.

For the after run oil, the safest easiest way I have found is to take the manifold off and put a couple of drops in the rear exhaust port. I do a few drops with the piston at TDC and a few at BDC and then spin it good on the box..No dirt from the glow plug falls in your engine, and you dont need to chance the o-rings in the carb
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