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Default Professional Drifting with R/C cars!

Hi to all drifters out there!

I thought we needed a nice, new clean thread to write in

I have been an R/C racer for 6 years, and I'm usually spending a lot of time on Modified Touring, racing for 1st places. But lately I found out that I have to have some fun on my days off too, so I started drifting

My brother is the founder of the 1st Drift club for real cars in Norway, and so he wanted me to start it with R/C cars...

Here's a short video of my brother's Ae86 and his friends RX7:

So if anyone has any tire choice tips, setups or so that they want to share with others, post it here!

So far I have been drifting on carpet, and with a well setup touring car, that can be easily done by putting tape on your tires.... But soon I'll be working out a good drift setup for my TC3, probably with the Proline tires that comes with the team and racer kits!

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