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Originally Posted by cwoods34 View Post
Well, since it is related, I'll ask here. I think this is the kind of setup question he is asking about.

On my FT TC4 (VTA), I want to add just a tad more roll into the rear of the chassis, basically getting the car "dialed in" since I am happy with every other aspect of its handling.

The camber link is on the outermost mount on the chassis (shortest link possible).

Do I.......

1. Add shims underneath the inboard camber link?


2. Remove my shim from the upright's camber link?


3. Move the ballstud 1 position in to increase the camber link's length?

Perhaps this is an example of a question he wants answered? I could see where moving the ballstud inwards would be a more exaggerated setup change, but will adding shims inboard provide the same effect as removing shims from the upright?
Yeah this question is more in line with what was being asked originally...from the adjustments you posted, I would lengthen the rear links by moving the inner ballstud inward first. Then after trying it out I would remove a shim from the inboard ballstud. Adding a equal thickness shim to the inboard ballstud that you remove from the upright will give you the same effect but to a extent. If you do not have enough shim height on the upright you can limit your suspension travel because the upright will hit the ballcup. As long as I have full suspension travel without binding, I wouldn't ever mess with the upright shims. Just adjust rollcenter with the inner ballcup shims.

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