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Originally Posted by pakk View Post
I am just curious on how you guys dial your cars in. Now I do understand the basics and probably more than the basics as far as what does what when you change certain things. And, I am pretty good about making adjustments for when the rear slides out, the front pushes, gearing, etc... In other words, when there is an obvious problem, I somehow eventually make the right adjustments to correct it. But I am kinda lost on how to make a fast car faster(if that makes sense).

Is it just a trial and error thing? So should I just keep messing with different adjustments and see how the car reacts? Maybe some of you have a certain order in which and what you adjust in certain orders that you could share?

In order of importance
1. Yourself
2. Tires
3. Suspension
4. Electrics
5. other mechanical (steering, drivetrain, etc)

actually, the last three is about a tie, but the first two is very important. If you are sure that your car is on par with the fast guys, it is all driver skill from there. Nothing can beat a good wheel no matter what class it is. Your car is important, but learn the three functions of a car. Acceleration, deceleration, and turning. And after that, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. When you get to a certain level (minimal amount of crashing and driving the right lines) then you will understand what you really need to go faster.
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