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Originally Posted by pakk View Post
But for normal mortal people like me, I don't think I will ever get to that level of driving. At least not anytime soon. So I wan't to squeeze every tenth out of my car. Also, knowing my equipement is the best it can possibly be, keeps my mind off the setup and more on the driving. It gives me one less thing to worry about on the track.
I agree completely. I am by no means among the fastest guys at my track, im somewhere in the middle of the pack. I usually qualify towards the bottom of the A main. And while I am certainly not a bullet around the track, I DO do everything that I can with my car to make sure that it, and it's electronics, aren't holding me back. The last thing you want to do is learn/improve your driving on a car that is horribly unbalanced or setup poorly. You might even be developing worse habbits trying to compensate for a car that isn't driving right.

So while my driving skill is what I need to work on MOST... that doesn't mean I don't/can't spend time with good electronics, car maintenance, etc...

But I tell you... you could give some of the guys at my track a Traxxas Slash with hockey pucks for tires, and they would beat the hell out of a lot of other drivers with perfectly setup TCs... you know who you are, fellas
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