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Originally Posted by fraghead5 View Post
I am new here and have gotten a ton of help from here and but I could not find this on any search I did.

Anyone out there using HPI Cup Racer shocks on an M03? They look like they are longer travel then the stock shocks and I am trying to build my second mini for rally/off road use.

I saw a lot of other post on how to use rc18 bowties and protect the electronics but nothing on frankenstiening parts.

Thanx in advance for any help.
I have both cars and I would NOT use the Cup Racer shocks on the M03 - no matter how much more travel you get. The shock shafts are about 1/2 the diameter as the M03 shocks, which would lead me to believe they would bend under the rigors of off-road/rally racing..Secondly, the CR shocks don't hold nearly as much oil as the M03 shocks - either the plastic bodies or the TRF shocks...Thirdly, the CR shocks use a skinny spring - kind of like the ones you'd see on a center shock of a 12th scale pan car (matter of fact I'm using AE 12th scale springs on my CR)...

You'd be better off getting longer shock shafts like the tamiya TC cars use - you'll get the extra ground clearance, plus a more durable shocks

Nice idea - IF the CR was built like the M03, but its're better off spending the $$ elsewhere

BTW, where you from in NJ?? I do most of my racing with SJCCR in the South Jersey area...would love to find a few more guys to run M03's on a regular basis...I have one, and we 'scared' one guy by making him run his M03 with some RCGT cars If we had like 3 or 4 more guys running M03's I know we could get a class into Ray Murray's program
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