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Default Re: Carpet set up?

Originally posted by Hebiki
do you guys have a good starting point for a carpet set up? ( i.e. tires, springs, tire type and compound?)

what tires hook up best? CS-22? CS-27? Sorex 36R?

ill be heading up to a carpet track to race. any help would be greatly appreciated.
OK EVO III guys, here is a good 19T carpet rubber setup.This is for Stockton Rc speedway and thats the track I am assuming your going to because it the only one in california right now.


Tamiya white
60W oil / 3 hole piston
middle hole on shock tower
6MM under camber link
middle hole for camber link
yellow sway bar
A/A blocks
stock spacer under front A block
2MM droop
1 degree toe out
-1 camber
5MM ride height
SOREX 28R's / HPI red

Tamiya blue
50W oil / 3 hole piston
3rd hole in on shock tower
2MM under camber link
middle hole for camber link
no sway bar
A/D blocks
no spacers under front blocks
3MM droop
-1 camber
5MM ride height
SOREX 24R's / HPI red
The car is stable with the Stratus 2.0, and more agressive with the Alpha.

This is a good setup. The bite comes up fairly quickly as the day progresses so make sure you make appropriate changes if needed. By the way this setup was from E.j Evans/Paul Paras so the setup is money.
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