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Originally Posted by mrrcguy View Post
Well I almost never make a post like this, but hear I go.

After two weekends with this two of these ESC's I am quite let down. I switched from the TC spec and after trying absolutely every gearing and timing combo I can come up with I have yet to find this ESC to provide any additional performance. I have ran it in 17.5 and 13.5 TC. I won both last weekend and this weekend. But there were still guys with regular spheres and the trusty TC spec with more rip and top speed on the straight. If I had'nt been better in throught the turns I wold have been screwed. Im running the same 40C packs I ran with my TC Spec but for some reason the SPX just aint getting it done for me. This weekend was the first time I have ever felt out-motored in 13.5.

Im not hating on the ESC, nor do it wish to discourage anyone from trying one. So, I guess Im just venting. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
I hear you.

Lack of torque but good top end.

I am running mine in offroad 2wd buggy now and I must say I feel it is better suited to this for my needs.
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