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Originally Posted by dreaux View Post
does any one here run the vzb vspec pro moddified eddition? it has a silicone filled crank, a tungsten weight for balance and ceramic rear bearing, anyone run it? how do you like it?

I also noticed the only turbo engine that is always in stock is the original vspec. I can never find a ninja, nova plus 4, trinity ex tech, or the vspec pro moddified eddition. Why is that? are thease other engines that much better. Or do they make that many more vspecs?

If some of thease after market parts are so much better (head buttons, shock towers, chassis, etc) How can one little outfit make something so much better if a whole engineering company like mugen or O.S. failed to reconize it? I mean if a certain head button or chassis was so much better why arent engineers from said companies using it?

I think some try to capitalize on my rc compulsion. Like a bce chassis. I really want one and a eb mods head button for my vspec. But do i really need it? Of course not. But i am compeled to do so. Just like my tire fettish on ebay! must buy every tire i see. Same thing with mugen parts, i almost have a whole nother car.

but i really want to know about the modded vspec.

I would not worry about buying a Modded engine!! I have run Hot Mods(awesome modder), EB Mods(petty good), and RB Mods(What a Joke), and while there are good Modders out there, you do not need it!! I now just run the OS Speed and I will not change any time soon!! The Modder that I have mentioned above are just my personal experiece and opinion!! Just get a good tune on your V-Spec and that is all you will need!! Just my .02 cents!!
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