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Originally Posted by ntc3 onroad View Post
man you youngssters have alot to learn, a stock NTC3 yes feels free or what you call frictionless compared to a belt car!! You should'nt have to have a engineering degree to understand what a free feeling is to what actually friction is, Like stated anytime theres 2 parts rubbing together theres what I or most of people know as friction! friction causes heat, heat destroys all! the LD3 diffs should be the cure, maybe. it was cheaper and easier for me to pop the top off the diff case and check, maybe for melted gears. we usually never checked gears after heat races, because after first or second heat we had qualified for A main, and all other heats were really just r&d, or trying to get car fastest. I'll never understand why put 18 21 or wtf 28!! in a ntc3? which don't forget is 10 th scale! these 18 21 and 28 are designed for 8th scale racing, not 10th! so with what you call HP in these bigger engines be it 18,21,28 should be used in 8th scale racing. Anybody who know weight tranfers/hp/torque/size of car and size of parts can do the math and will know they won't work, sure you maybe kick a stock 12 or 15 ass in playing or small club track racing if they would even allow that, but put a 28 against a very good tuned and modied 12 or 15 in a 200 ft' plus straight away at wide open throttle into a nice turn and if you make it turn or slide into the curve the 12 or 15 will kick its ass, its simple math if you know how!: spidey.. "Nitrohead"... Why not step up and race with the real guys!! 8th scale put that NTC# with that motor and tires against a real good 8th scale care, you'd go home whiney in your beer if you can drink. Your trying to make 1/8th scale car out of 10th scale car in playing world yea maybe work but in real race with 8th's no way!! Been there done that, I used 1'8th scale tires and wheels 4 years ago man, been there done that, your just playing not really racing! Put that car into a 200ft'= straight into a tight curve that thing pushes like a pig!!!!! been there done that!::spi dey:BB
..............Stop trying to change the subject , WEAK DIFFS in Nitro TC-3's . The .12 size size motors of today are getting more and more powerful compared to the motors you ran when you raced. These new .12 motors have been knowed to rip the diffs out of Nitro TC-3's . Alot of my friends who ran TC-3 , stopped racing them because they were tired of rebuilding diffs between heats . My point is since I have put a big block in my Nitro TC-3 and the Ofna diffs has stood up to the increase in torque and horsepower that a modified .21-28 can put out it can more than handle the horsepower and torque that a .12 puts out even if it is modified. Just sharing my results you can choose to use it or not it makes no difference to me . NTC3 Onroad in my club we are all a bunch of outlaws none of use have .12's in our cars . I know center of gravity and weight is important but for your information NTC3 Onroad my car does not push thru the turns you are speculating that it does !! The track we have laid out has fast wide sweeping turns and long straightaways it is not a technical track but a high speed road course. When I began this project, Big Block in a TC-3, I was told that my TC-3 would flip over evertime I go into a fast turn, that it would push , if I nailed it, it would spin out, it would have torque steer etc, etc, I have not encountered any of these problems, these speculations are exagerations of what may happen if you don't use common sense to come up with solutions as you going along with your project. I doubt if you ever put 1/8 scale tires on a 1/10 scale car based on what you have have any pictures of this car??

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