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Originally Posted by dreaux View Post
your right. who am i to speak my mind on a public forrum?? What was i thinking! OOHHH wise one, you teach me the error of my ways!

actually, I by a large margin ask more questions then anybody on this board (probably for some time) What does that tell you?

How about, i am not affraid to ask, i don't know everything and don't assume to. but through this process i have learned ALOT and that happens by being humble and asking for help. I simply made a statement based on relibable and credible sources and friends. I guess they all don't have a clue either eehh? Always hear the same thing about kyosho. overpriced, and not as durable as xray or mugen. Don't feel bad i hear the same thing about the rc8. I have a friend with st rr and losi etc. maybe i can get them to talk to you. Maybe you might take it better then.

frustrating huh? I don't even own one

i really am a nice guy. so i guess i can appolgize for being a horses ass. But some people make it so easy too.
I don't know what you think you have proved, but it is obvious from the sarcastic tone of your post that you feel like you have one upped me some way.

Answer me this, have you ever owned an MP9 or 808? Worked on either? Repaired either? Had to replace parts and keep them running for a season? A month? A day? A qualifier?

I think you get my point.

Edit: Look at post #14, the one above this. That is informed opinion, not, "I heard from a friend of my brothers sisters best friends cousins uncles father that the D8 is the best buggy ever."
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