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Anybody here ever ran the BMI chassis for the NTC3?? They are very very good, all machined out of alum. no upper deck needed all servo brackets cut into chassis,batt mount and all included. Theres 2 version so beware if anyone decide to go this way, theres a Version 1 and Version2.I see them on ebay some. Theres nothing wrong with either version but I sorta helped with the R&D on the chassis and the V2 is lighter when car is complete than the AE NTC3. The best thing about it is less weight no tweak or chassis flex or bend. When we raced the car we bent so many stock AE chassis's it was unreal. If anyone interested I have a v1 BMI chassis that got sorta loose in the mill and has 1 imperfect cut in it, it does'nt hurt performance or anything and I would have to show you the place or you would not even know , I'd let it go for about $50 + shipping. I'm also thinking serious about selling my car. It has'nt been raced in 4 years but it is only for the serious racer!!! Theres very little stock on the car, which it will take to race at a very competetive level, we club raced on perm track and raced some in the Midwest series. only thing stock on my car are diff parts shocktowers upper and lower control arms and drive shaft. Theres also enough gears and clutch parts and so on to keep the car running a long time, could prob. build 4 cars out of spare parts.. There way to many parts to add here would take me a few days to get total list. I have stock RB 5 port turbo engines dennis richey mugen mt's palmaris racing engines, palmaris mugen mt work and some trinity cirrious engines,e all roar leagal 12 engines, when we raced you could not use anything other than a 12 engine, you guys placing all this big engines are nuts to me, no offence!! the car will break and theres no way to make it handle in very competitve issues and stay together, theres also a couple of Murnan modyfied mugens. The car is equipt with futaba digital servos and the futaba 3pj radio with a spektrum reciever, which has I can't remember now its either 40 or 60 channels built in to it, just turn car and radio on and it sets itself to a free channel, no chips!! I'll make very good deal on total package!! Serious inquires only! [email protected]
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