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Originally Posted by Skiddins View Post
Did you notice any extra grunt at the top end on full throttle?
We have found it has quite a lot of punch (usually due to the lower gearing) then along the straight you can sometimes hear the motor beginning to scream.

Try gearing down very slightly and see if it makes a difference. If you can't really tell any difference between 6 & 7 or 8 something is wrong.

What ESC were you using before and what gearign with it on the same motor?

Thanks for the reply.

I switched from a TC Spec. I was gearing between 4.7-4.9 with the TC.

I did not notice any additional punch with the SPX, but I did notice the top end power surge.

I could not tell any difference between profile 7 & 8 but there was a great improvement going from profile 6 to 7.
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