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Originally Posted by Werks View Post
Pete26 & Gearhead racer, looking back through the thread I noticed that unfortunately the contributions are starting to look a little one sided lol! To date it looks like the only other manufacturers involvement has been limited to Steve's defense of the inclusion of dye in his fuel and that's basically it.

I've given this some thought over the last day or two and I think that at this point I'm going to step out of this thread for a bit. If other manufacturers would like to start actively participating and contributing some of the knowledge that they may or may not have I have no problem popping in periodically with some of my thoughts. The development of a performance fuel is a time consuming endeavor and most most manufacturers are quite hesitant to share their input about this. Part of the reasoning behind this I think is that there is truthfully a general lack of understanding about the products that they are attempting to produce and the 4-5 people in the industry here in the US that I know of that actually do understand it, will not talk about it. I've been watching some of the stuff happening on the other fuel related threads on here and frankly I think it might be in the best interest of my self and my company to distance my self from those involved.

So at this point as mentioned I'm taking a little break from this thread and I'm going to pull down most of my posts on it. I will say that it has been fun talking to you guys and hopefully those that have read this thread over the last couple of days have benefited in some way from the knowledge that I have gleaned through my involvement over the last 8+ years with the Italians in engine development and manufacturing, 2+ years of lubricant & fuel testing in rc model car engines and 5+ plus years of race fuel manufacturing. I'm happy to say that our products have been proven successful at the highest levels of competition as indicated by a small selection of the race results from some of the major events that our engines and fuel have participated in over the last 2 years alone under my signature. Again thank you guys it's been fun, I'll see you at the track!

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Man that stinks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thank you Ron for all of your input of this subject and sorry you have to go.
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