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Originally Posted by Grinder View Post
That really depends.. a lot. Here in the US on the more fuel thirsty tracks I can get at least 5:30 seconds on the engine with 16% nitro. Some of my other drivers who have a smoother throttle finger are getting over 6 minutes on a tank. My European team drivers are getting upwards of 7 minutes. I guess it all depends on the conditions like, track conditions, atmosphere, clutch, etc...

I like to use the Novarossi 2601, or 2630. I like the 2601 with the short header most of the time, and the medium header with the 2630. The 2630 can make the engine faster than the 2601, but you will lose about 15 seconds of runtime with the 2630.

I can say when tuned properly the engine gets great runtime compared to most engines with less power.
more power than most can honistly handle big tom
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