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Got my first race last night with the r5. What a twitchy, inconsistant mess. Yes first time out and no clue what makes this car tick but I struggled pretty much all night. HP was one issue but mostly the way to touchy oversteer in the first 2 mins and the push the last 4 mins killed me.

My second qual was pretty good handling wise. Smooth but turned everywhere and was consistant the whole 8mins. If it drives like that all the time I would be happy. A couple bobbles by me and down pretty bad on hp put me 3 laps off the pace. Yuk, hate being there.

For the main I went up a few teeth and got close on the hp but by then my front tires were too thin to work so back to the dump truck for the last 4 mins. Finished where I started at 4th.

The setup is still pretty stock. Have to pick up some side springs to play with.
The biggest problem I have right now is how touchy the steering is right around center. I mean nasty. -15% expo didnt help and any more made the steering to notchy. How can I calm it down? Sevo is flat and the tie rods are straight when looking down on the car. Moving the servo back to get a little angle would make it more touchy around center, correct?

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