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Originally Posted by Sean Cochran View Post
Just a quick list of the set up I used on Saturday at OCRC.

Jaco Prism Pink front with JtG 1/2 front 43 mm
.018" springs with 30k on kingpin
5 Dgr. re-active
+1.80 caster
3mm spacer between arm and blkhd
.015" spacer on axle
4.4mm ride ht.

Center shk
AE 25 wt. with Gold spring
Shk mnt pos 2
lipo mounted forward

Jaco Prism Yellow rear JtG full Rear 45.5mm
Gold side springs w AE 35 wt side shock
10R5 rear pod rear width 172mm
4.8mm ride ht.
Protoform Speed 12 lwt
Lrp SPX w LRP 13.5t 49/78

If I forgot anything just ask and I will fill in the blanks.
The only 2 changes from my "normal" set up is the .018" front springs and the gold spring and oil in the center shock. Both of those were more to try and help the ride through the bumps.
Thanks a ton for keeping up with this thread. I'm on my own out here in "SpeedMerchantLand". I'm glad to see I'm not as crazy as I thought I was running spacers in the front end to lengthen the upper arm. Do you know what profile you are running in the LRP?

Originally Posted by avs View Post
interesting you suggest a full tire treatment. i tried full and half treatement on the front tires.
with the half tire treatment, i would get a fast 4minutes followed by a slower 4 minutes.
with a full tire treatment i would get a difficult to control 4 minutes followed by a fast 4 minutes with no buiildup.

i started with 2x pink and went up thru lilac, purple and black. it almost seemed that black had more grip than purple but my nerves were getting frazzled with the dartyfrontend. they all seemed to have ample(too much) grip in the beginning.

with a full tire treatment, do you CA the whole sidewall or some other tire trick? it almost seemed like i needed to maybe clean the sauce off a little with a light motor spray treatment?
We've not been CA'ing at all with full sauce, although. as I mentioned we don't ever get high grip conditions. I am by no means an expert at 12th set up, but I'd be more than happy to make some suggestions if you wanna post what you are running. If I had to guess I would suggest saucing the whole front with which ever tire felt the calmest, and then adding one or more of the following to the point the car is drivable for you. I would stay away from trying to reduce grip with motor spray or a similar means; I can't imagine a reliable way to get that method consistent.
A. Softer center spring
B. 2-3 mm of spacers between the upper arm mount and the aluminum mount
C.Reducing dual-rate (I wouldn't go much bigger than a 5 ft circle tho . . .)

Heres some discussion we had a month or two back at our track about the glazing issue. Take some of the info with a grain of salt though; there's a mix of comments from newb's to A-main winners . . .

Actually, after I typed all that, forget it. I would just run what Sean posted. I'm sure he's got a better handle on what works out there than I ever could.
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