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Originally Posted by andrewdoherty View Post
I would see if I could run a harder front tire and sauce the whole thing and see if you still got the glaze. I suspect if you sauced the whole tire you run currently you'd get some serious over steer.

We had the exact same problem with the to make it work. glazing on the portion of the tire we didn't sauce. It went away once we started saucing the whole tire and made the adjustments to our setups. Were in a little different situation though as we are usually looking for more grip as we run on med bite carpet. What compound tires are y'all running in 13.5 12th?

I don't know how well everyone at your track sticks to the jtg rule, but if you've had different compounds in the carpet you might try giving it a good vacuuming and then make sure nothing but JTG is used and see if the glazing goes away. When we realized the traction action we were spraying was causing the glazing we used our trusty rainbow vacuum on the whole carpet. It sucks up pretty much all the groove and then we started over only spraying acetone and paragon when needed. We haven't seen the problem since then.

. .
interesting you suggest a full tire treatment. i tried full and half treatement on the front tires.
with the half tire treatment, i would get a fast 4minutes followed by a slower 4 minutes.
with a full tire treatment i would get a difficult to control 4 minutes followed by a fast 4 minutes with no buiildup.

i started with 2x pink and went up thru lilac, purple and black. it almost seemed that black had more grip than purple but my nerves were getting frazzled with the dartyfrontend. they all seemed to have ample(too much) grip in the beginning.

with a full tire treatment, do you CA the whole sidewall or some other tire trick? it almost seemed like i needed to maybe clean the sauce off a little with a light motor spray treatment?
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