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I thought I had posted it here but I could not find it. What I do, and this was shown to me by Adam Drake is the following:

Drill a small hole in the shock cap(on top) around the flat machined spot. This hole can be approx the same size as the hole on the side of the cap.

Take two shock o-rings and glue them together with ca glue. Glue the o-rings into the inside of the cap(center it) Fill your shocks up until about 1/16-1/8 inch from the top. Insert your bladder and make sure it is seated. Pressing lightly with your finger.

Once air bubbles escape install cap and you should have close to full rebound front and rear. What you do not want is for the shock to lock up before fully compressing, if so take a touch of oil out and repeat.

The more traction the less rebound you will run. The less traction, the more rebound. I think Adam recenly posted this as well. For the most part I always run 3/4- full rebound on all but the highest bite tracks.
Here is teh original..
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