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Originally Posted by InspGadgt View Post
I'm not sure saying sensorless operation is like fixed timing on a brushed motor is a correct analogy. It's my understanding that it is more like there is no timing since that would depend on when the coils are energized in relation to the rotor position. Which, in sensorless operation is controlled completely by the ESC.

I would also suggestion mentioning that Sensored Only Mode - State Transition as you put it is only in the event of sensor data failure.
(1) I'm trying to describe what the user experiences rather than the physics of how it is implemented. The "Dual Mode - Sensorless State" has a fixed timing over the whole RPM range, which is what a Brushed motor experiences. The note under this section gives a hint: "Note 1: Useful for those that do not have an adjustable endbell." So its doing the same function as an adjustable endbell (which are terms from brushed motor speak).

In any case, do you have some alterative words that I can ponder over

(2) What is an example of your "sensor data failure"
You obviously mean something other than:
(the sensor wire drops off) OR (sensor is not connected)

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