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Ok to clear some things up.

Dual mode with the RS or RX8 for that matter is a sensored start and continued sensorless drive. Once we KNOW the rotor position we're in dual mode. Sensors are not used for the timing at all. Timing can be adjusted from 0 to 100 100 being 30 degrees max. The timing advance bar is a percentage of 30. SO 50 on the bar is 15 degrees for example. You can see this on the RS led array, the last 3 lights that show the sensors will turn off. Then come back as the car is stopped. Motor timing has no affect in this mode.

Sensored only mode is just that. We are always using the sensors for any and all functions. For timing, rotor postion,etc. Timing in this mode is based soley off the sensor feedback. Remember though that in this mode motor timing has an affect on overall timing. In sensored only mode starting with 189 software you have the option of "boost" timing. This is added timing via the esc along with motor timing to attain more overall timing. So:

Motor timing + Timing Boost + Early read(built into all motors) = Total Timing

In general early read is considered to be about 15 since that is an average between manufacturers.

We do realize that this can be overwhelming a times. However when setup properly the Tekin RS is in a class all it's own. Never could you adjust a speed controller to fit your personal driving style and ANY track around.

We are working on a new team page that has the teams latest setups in pdf format for easy download.
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