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Originally Posted by Joost K. View Post
Exactly right Alexander!!!

World GT just isn't working in Europe. So Associated now has the RC12R5 for 12th scale, the RC10R5 for WorldGT & the RC10R5Oval for Oval offcoarse... The only market that is missing now is the european Pro10 235mm market... So come on guys!!! Do us crazy europeans a big huge favor an build us a 235mm Pro10 RC10R5!!!

And by that I don't mean a wheelhub extension like CRC has done but a FULL-BREAD 235mm Pro10 platform!!! It shouldn't be hard if you take a look at the new Oval chassis...

I can't wait until the day it comes and I really hope that Associated will add this car to their program!!!

last year we had more 235 then pan car GT
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