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Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
Was that a box stock CR? Because its been stated before that its a P.O.S out the box on two different sites. So just rims and tires were changed?
Noticed that you are from So Cal, so you may know Mickey, who was the guy wheelin the CR. The car was pretty much box stock except for the ABC tires and rims and some set up work. The rules for the race spelled out ABC tires and rims and ABC bodies. The CR was as fast and maybe a touch faster than the ABC.

Tony, sorry, but we were comparing the ABC to The HPI in our posts. You are absolutely right, on most tracks the 4wd will walk all over the the MO3. Did not mean to irritate you, but we weren't entering that debate which seems to be mainly wishful thinking by the MO3 addicts.

I happen to be an MO3 addict and rarely race my 4wd Mini. However, I am not out of my mind and don't race the MO3 against a 4wd. We're lucky out here as they usually run both classes, but the ABCs are much more popular here than the MO3. ABC has been very active in promoting their car and 25 entries just for the 4wd class is not unusual. At one of the local tracks, they had 40 or 50 in the ABC series. A lot of our faster drivers are running them for the "fun" of it.
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