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Originally Posted by Josh Pease View Post
i have been racing all my life and didnt know that about the wd40. i will defiantly not use it ever again. colin where can i get the stuff ur talking about

Personally, I race my motors so often I just seal them up in a ziplock bag and squeeze out as much air in the bag as I can and done.

However, mineral oil is pretty cheap and can be found at the local hardware store.

As for the WD40 and the red dot; I'd crack open the back plate (make sure that the piston is NOT Bottom Dead Center) and take a look.

More than likely if you didn't soak or let it sit for more than a few mins you should be fine but otherwise I would take a look.

As for these motors go, I must say they have some nuts to them. During my break-in tanks 1/4 throttle blups my buggy was almost lifting the front end.

Lasty, I've been informed by a well known tuner that pairing this motor with an Ofna 063 (typo caught by Jaz) would be like bread and butter.

Enjoy the rip!
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