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the p905b works great for me on a large track but since I have been going to this smaller indoor track I had to go back to 200mm set as the turns are much sharper and the 235mm setup does not work for me. Now that I have the Mulsanne which ran well tonight next on my list is the Sophia. But I must say I have a lot more fun with 235 pro 10 style large track. Oh and I went from 3.5r to 10.5 for the small track so really feels different and getting use to it as well.

Originally Posted by Shawn68z View Post
Mulsanne, or Sophia would be my choices for 200mm.

I run a 935B Medium downforce body (235mm) , with extensions on the wing to give it more downforce in the rear, and better stability down the straight.

But if your problem is right as you exit a corner, or from a start, then aerodynamics havnt come into play yet. If your at speed when the problem happens, then it could be aero related.

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